Dynamic Planning for Business

Why Tesser Consulting?

Our Expertise

Tesser Consultants have extensive experience working in a wide range of industries developing insightful business models for effective decision-making.

You know what the important drivers are that help you make business decisions – we work with you to translate those drivers into a well-structured and dynamic planning environment.

Our Services

Requirements gathering and definition, model building and training are some of the services we offer to help model your business, test your assumptions and the impact of variations, and zero in on the operative and strategic decisions that drive a successful business.

Our goal is not to model financial statements, but to help you model, in a rich and comprehensive way, the building blocks that produce your financial results.

Your Benefits

A dynamic representation of your business in a simplified and streamlined business planning solution. Confidence in the accuracy of your numbers AND assumptions. Easy and instant extension of your model to adapt to an ever evolving business.

Excellent service and consultants who understand a corporate’s strategic planning needs ensure a great experience and productive business relationship.

Businesses are inherently multidimensional, so to be truly useful for assessing outcomes, choosing between options and making plans, models and analyses must be structured to reflect the various dimensions.- Robert Kugel CFA - SVP Research, Ventana Research

Customer Engagement 

Understand your Business

Build Models you Need

Training and Education

Ongoing Revisions & Review

Areas of Expertise

Offered Services

By Business Verticals

  • Manufacturing
  • Performance Contracting
  • Resource Management
  • (Renewable) Energy
  • Higher Education
  • e-Commerce
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

By Business Models

  • Budgeting and Planning: Insurance, Higher Education, Produce, Property Management
  • Performance Contracting
  • Resource Management
  • Inventory Production and Planning: Equipment, Clothing, Food
  • Recurring Revenue and Billing: Technology, Services, Software
  • Investor Management: Equity, Disbursements

Translation from Business Structure to Business Model

Our strength lies in our ability to quickly understand the building blocks of your business, how they relate to your financial planning objectives and to translate these into a data and financial modeling structure.

Model Building

We work with you to map your business requirements into a flexible, business planning and modeling solution; this is a joint business-modeling effort.  Alternatively, we can build your models based on an understanding of your business requirements and structures.

Model Review

Our comprehensive model review will evaluate your model’s structure, logic, data and presentation with an aim toward making the model more efficient and end-user friendly.

Online & On-site Training

We offer monthly online training sessions on a variety of useful topics as well as pre-recorded (On Demand) training topics.

Our Quantrix Software onsite Training is available at your location for classes up to 8 people.

For more detail see our Training Section below. Be sure to check back frequently as our library expands.

On-site Training:

Quantrix Modeler Introductory Training
This two-day course will give your team a common understanding of the basic principles of working with Quantrix Modeler. Ideal for groups of 2-10 individuals.

Quantrix Modeler Function Library & Formula Writing Training
One-day course which takes an in-depth look at the Quantrix Modeler Function Library and various use cases for combining functions and formula writing.

Quantrix Modeler Customized Training
Looking for more customized training around your organization’s Quantrix models? Let’s discuss!

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Online Training:

Training Topics available on request

* Recorded sessions available. Please register.

Meet the Team:

Chris Houle

Chris Houle

Chris Houle is CEO of Tesser, provider of business modeling consulting services and innovative cloud-based solutions. He has more than twenty years of senior management experience. Prior to founding Tesser, he was co-founder and CEO of Quantrix, a business modeling and analytics software company.

Valerie Grenier

Valerie Grenier

As Senior Consultant, Valerie helps customers build and deploy effective business models and get the most value from their modeling solutions. She has over fifteen years experience in finance and accounting  and is an expert Quantrix modeler. Prior to Tesser, she was Professional Services Lead at Quantrix.

Els Scholten

Els Scholten

Els is Business Development Director and co-founder of Tesser. She has more than fifteen years of international business experience in Business Development, Partner & Account Management, Communications, Public Relations and Event Management. Prior to Tesser, she was Global Partner Manager at IDBS and Quantrix.

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