Why Tesser Consulting for your FP&A or Business Planning

Your benefits
  • Your business dynamically represented in a simplified and streamlined business planning solution.
  • Confidence in the accuracy of your numbers AND assumptions to ensure business growth.
  • Easy & instant extension of your model to adapt to an ever-evolving business and external circumstances.
Our services
  • Tesser’s goal is to help model your business and zero in on the operative and strategic decisions that drive success.
  • We work with you to translate the key drivers of your business into a well-structured and dynamic (business) planning environment.
Our expertise
  • Tesser Consultants have extensive experience working in a wide range of industries, such as Logistics, Agriculture and Real Estate portfolio modeling, developing insightful business models for effective decision-making.

Customers’ success

Take their word for it

We decided to take on the challenge of building out a massive 5 Year Financial Planning model. Tesser helped us every step of the way, both on-site and remotely. Valerie Grenier, a Senior Consultant at Tesser, brought a lot of financial acumen to the table and supplied the perfect balance of support and training.

Litehouse, Inc., Food & Beverage

Charity Hegel, VP of Finance

With Tesser’s support, we have developed a detailed financial statement analysis model designed to give us insight along a number of key business dimensions such as branch, department, line of business and product/service. As a next step we will work with Tesser to build our budgeting and planning model using the same framework. Tesser is an important and reliable partner in these various efforts.

Romco, Inc., Construction Equipment

Craig Burkert, CFO

At Driscoll’s Australia we are very satisfied to have chosen Tesser Consulting as our Quantrix model development partner. Their team has excellent communication skills and a fast response and turnaround time, providing a very reliable and professional service. Their expertise has allowed them to developed a great understanding of our business work flows and navigated through complexity to successfully create a tool that will allow us to execute our planning processes in a more dynamic and proactive way.

Driscoll’s Australia, Agriculture

Roberto Barajas, National Operations & Planning Manager

Tesser Consulting has been vital in the success of BH Management’s design and rollout of our cloud based/Quantrix driven, budgeting, asset management, and construction platforms. Our primary consultant, Valerie Grenier, is able to understand our needs and make very knowledgeable recommendations. She helps us build scalable systems for what-if-analysis and complex modeling scenarios.

BH Management Services, LLC, Real Estate

Mike Stephenson, Director of Business Intelligence

Customer engagement

Understand your Business

Our strength lies here

Build FP & A models you need

Based on your business drivers

Training and education

On-site trainings & workshops

Ongoing revisions & support

When and where you need it

Expertise & Service

By business verticals

• Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
• Agriculture
• Real Estate
• Performance Contracting
• Manufacturing
• (Renewable) Energy
• Higher Education
• Retail
• Telecommunications

By business models

• Transportation, Distribution & Logistics: Network Profitability
• Budgeting and Planning: Insurance, Higher Education, Produce, Property Management
• Agriculture: Production, Nursery and Supply Planning
• Real Estate: Property Valuation, Asset Management
• Inventory Production and Planning: Equipment, Clothing, Food
• Recurring Revenue and Billing: Technology, Services, Software
• Investor Management: Equity, Disbursements
• Performance Contracting

Translation from business structure to business model

Our strength lies in our ability to quickly understand the building blocks of your business, how they relate to your financial planning objectives and to translate these into a data and financial modeling structure.

Model building

We work with you to map your business requirements into a flexible, business planning and modeling solution; this is a joint business-modeling effort.  Alternatively, we can build your models based on an understanding of your business requirements and structures.

Process support and model reviews

We provide ongoing support and assistance during planning and budgeting cycles. We also recognize business models evolve over time and offer comprehensive/periodic model reviews to evaluate your model’s structure, logic, data and presentation with an aim toward improving efficiency and user experience.

On-site training

Our onsite Training is available at your location for classes up to 8 people. Please contact us to discuss your needs.